6" SeaSucker

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We’ve said many times that we’re never going to wake up one day and invent the last SeaSucker product. That’s true because our vacuum cups lend themselves to an almost infinite number of uses. The bottom line is, if you need to attach something to a rigid, non-porous surface without drilling any holes, this is the best way to do it.

Additional details

To make it easier for you to turn our vacuum mount into your solution, we've slotted holes in the top (for bolting whatever it is you’re mounting on there) plus a 1/4-20 threaded stainless insert.

Protective cover included.

Size & Specifications
  • Rated to pull up to 210 pounds.
  • All metal parts are high-grade stainless steel (even the springs inside our pump)
  • 6.5” diameter when attached.
  • Choose between black or white.

Q: How strong are the vacuum mounts?

A: “Strong like bull.” 4.5” vacuum mounts have a rated pull strength of 120lbs, pulling straight out from center. Pull strength on a shear load, i.e. pulling from the side, will be less. 6” vacuum mounts are 210lbs rated. Obviously, putting multiple vacuum mounts on a single product multiplies the maximum holding power.

Q: How long do the vacuum mounts last before they lose power?

A: There’s no set time limit on our vacuum mounts. It depends in part on the surface you attach to, the condition of the vacuum mount, the load you put on it, and other factors. As for surfaces to attach to, vacuum mounts in general were designed to carry big sheets of glass and other solid surface materials, so smoother, flatter surfaces are ideal. Clean surfaces and clean SeaSuckers go a long way to maximizing the hold time. In any event, if the vacuum mount begins to lose some vacuum, it will warn you so you can get it back to full power before it comes off. The vacuum pump’s plunger will extend from the pump cylinder when it starts to lose power, revealing an orange indicator band. Once you see orange, that’s your cue to repump your SeaSucker. For car racks, the simplest thing to do is to check the rack before you get in your vehicle, and check it each time you stop for gas, food, or the bathroom.

Q: Do I need to clean the surface I’m going to attach my SeaSucker to?

A: Clean off any surface dirt from the mounting surface before attaching your SeaSucker. While you’re at it, make sure the sealing edge of the vacuum pad is clean too. You don’t have to clean the mounting surface with alcohol wipes, as one overly-enthusiastic customer told us they do, but a quick wipe with a wet paper towel or napkin wouldn’t hurt.


6" SeaSucker

Regular price $114.00 AUD
Regular price $69.00 AUD Sale price $114.00 AUD

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
John G.
Is just as advertised!

Very happy with the quality and performance of this product!

mark M.
6” holding power

Great product that holds anything.

Mark G.
Portable MFD Holder

Seasucker 6" works well. I have two. One holds my EPIRB, the other holds an additional 9" Simrad MFD. I didn't want to drill any holes in my boat that weren't needed, so these work great.

peter z.
Love it!

quality product! competitive price and easy to use! The cap is a nice touch.

Steven B.

Just bought a new boat and needed to mount a chartplotter/ depth finder. Perfect fit and function. All I could have asked for

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